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True Stories are our passion. 

Merkabah Media Productions, is an independent studio focused on creating, acquiring and distributing talent driven, commercial features, documentaries, scripted and unscripted reality style TV content across all platforms including, digital/transactional, streaming, social media and television. 

At Merkabah the goal is simple; to educate, entertain and enthrall audiences from around the world by producing what is essentially our passion.. Magical Entertainment. 




Merkabah Media productions

Meet The Creator

Photo By: Jaimie Gramston

I believe in memories and moments along with the tiny unforgettable sparks of magic that happen to the spaces in between.

Merkabah Media Productions was founded by Christopher D. Brosnan. Before founding the company, Chris' career began in the film, TV and music industry over 35 years ago. He's worked alongside the very best of talents, both in front of, and behind the camera, with the likes of Ron Howard in “Willow”, and Kevin Costner, in “Robin hood: Prince of Thieves” as well as performing live on world class stages, such as Glastonbury, UK, in front of audiences of up to 250,000 people. 

"As a kid I was a constant dreamer, I loved to wander off into the wilds of nature. Woodlands were a place of play, fun and mystery where I created realms of untold heroes and villains. School was a nightmare because of my dyslexia, word blindness is a curse for any kid already faced with battling their peers. Creativity became my ally, my escape from the mundanity of curriculum and "getting it right". Storytelling captured my heart, listening to my Irish grandmother recount the heroes of ancient Ireland, or her memories of the blitz, living in London during the second world war. Her stories blew my mind and helped shape the creative I am today today.

-Christopher D. Brosnan



"Saba" by Courtney Davis

For me, writing is a solitary process, from the spark of an idea, to the “Fade In” at the top of a screenplay, to the completed script.

From there everything changes, it has to.

A team must be assembled to bring the vision of the story to the screen and only a successful collaboration with the many moving parts of a production can manifest the perfect end result. From the director, to the producers, actors, make-up, hair and so on.

All of these talents must be brought together, like an alchemy, this magic truly brings the script to life. 

on the writing process?"

'Finegas' from Finn
Original Artwork by John Walters

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-Christopher D. Brosnan

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